Welcome to Drama

We are very proud of Drama at Tibshelf School. We feel it builds confidence and a team work ethic in all students as well as providing opportunities to be creative and to perform at all levels. We also feel that Drama builds a person's character, allowing them to solve problems and to show leadership which we believe are key skills, in terms of future employment and in preparing young people for the world of work in general. In lessons students always work towards a goal and deadlines and they will have regular and many opportunities to showcase their work and their talent to an audience, as we believe this is the essence of Drama. Currently Drama is one of the most popular subjects in school. We have large and ever increasing GCSE Drama groups and uptake for the Year 9 Option Groups is on the increase.

Extra- Curricular Drama is at the heart of what we do at Tibshelf School. We have several events throughout the Year including Melodrama Evening, Creative Arts Evening, and other special events. However, the year culminates with a massive school show which involves around 150 students. We work closely with other Performing Arts organisations. It is with these partnerships in mind that we envisage an expansion of performing opportunities both at Easter and at Christmas mainly aimed at Key Stage 3 students, as well as showcasing GCSE Drama via Public Performance opportunities.

We encourage leadership at the school in terms of Creative Arts and students are responsible for choreography of dances, Set Design, Backstage Crew, Advertising, Make-up, Properties, Lighting, Sound, special effects and many more aspects of theatre production.

We are a highly inclusive school and we strive to provide as many opportunities for students as possible, encouraging all students to express themselves and utilise their talents. In the last five years auditions and interest in the shows have doubled and more than a quarter of the school want to be involved in some way.