Welcome to Food

“As a chef I really am only as good as my next plate of food”

Michel Roux Jr

At Tibshelf we aim for all students to know how to prepare and cook a healthy meal.

Throughout KS3 the students build on their knowledge of hygiene and safety, nutrients, seasonal food, food safety, dietary needs, food welfare, religion and culture. During their practical lessons the students will develop their skills and techniques to be confident in using the equipment and to add their own creativity to their food.

Starting in September 2016 students will be able to opt for the New GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition. This will consist of two projects for the coursework which include a food investigation and a practical element where they will prepare and cook a two course meal.

Students are expected to bring ingredients to school for most practical sessions. An apron and suitable container for transportation of finished products is also required. Students will have at least one week’s notice of the ingredients they need for their next practical lesson.

If you have any questions regarding food lessons contact Mrs Sampson.