Media Studies

 Media Studies

Media Studies invites students to analyse and explore the role of the media in our everyday lives, with a particular focus on how they reach their audiences, the institutions involved and how different groups of people, places and events are represented. Students also carry out practical tasks so that they become media producers as well as consumers.


Key Stage 4 – 3 x 1hr per week

Key Stage 4 Qualifications

Y10: BTEC First Award in Creative Digital Media Production

Unit 1 – Exam (25%): Digital Media Sectors and Audiences

Unit 2 – Coursework (25%): Planning and Pitching a Digital Media Product

Unit 3 – Coursework (25%): Digital Moving Image Production

Unit 7 – Coursework (25%): Digital Games Production

 Y11: AQA GCSE Media Studies

Unit 1 – Exam(40%): TV Serial Drama

Unit 2 – Coursework (60%):

Assignment 1: Website Design

Assignment 2: Computer Game Promotion

Assignment 3: Practical Project - Music Promotion (adverts, magazine   or music video)

Past Results

A*-C 2017 – 78%

A*-A 2017 – 30%




AQA GCSE Legacy Specification:

BTEC First Award in Creative Digital Media Production Specification:

Mrs J Holland - Teacher of Media Studies

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