Tibshelf School Council

School Council 17 18

On behalf of all Student Councillors, we would like to welcome you to the Tibshelf Student Council page.

Our Student Council works tirelessly to improve things in school and the local area. We achieve this by being the voice of the students of Tibshelf School and having an input on decisions that are made to improve our school and its facilities for all its young people. Each of our six tutor groups in each year are represented on the Student Council by one member who meets six times a year as a full group.

The Student Council works hard to promote democracy. We hold ballots throughout school so students can decide on what they want us to focus on. We also hold ballots within the Student Council to decide on our Chair and Vice-Chair, and also sub-committee chairs.

We have 4 sub-committees within our Student Council this year:  

Sub-Committee 1          Transport

Sub-Committee 2          Mental Health and Wellbeing

Sub-Committee 3          Fundraising.

Sub-Committee 4          Premises and Environment  

Each sub-committee has a focus or an issue that they tackle during the year, the sub-committee foci change at the beginning of each year depending on what the students vote for. Each sub-committee meets outside of Student Council meeting times to discuss ways to move forward in tackling their issue.  Additionally, representatives attend School Governors meetings three times a year to express any pupil concerns and to update Governors of the various projects the committees are working on.

There have been changes made in the past year regarding the structure of the Student Council. Most recently, our vice-chairman, wrote a proposal re-structuring elements of the Student Council and the changes that were proposed were implemented at the start of this year. 

We also have six pupils represent Tibshelf at the Bolsover Youth Council. They meet five times a year and work in their own time on the project the Youth Council has selected for that academic year. 

This year we hope to strengthen our links with our feeder primary school councils by attending their Pupil Parliament meetings and hosting one ourselves in March.

We are proud of our school and students and want to work towards making it even better yet. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Freya and Max

Chair and Vice-Chair


Youth Council with MP Dennis Skinner at the Houses of Parliament


School Council Recycling Committee

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