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Parents and Carers


Your child’s attendance is important, without good attendance in school they have reduced engagement in learning and socialising with peers, which can impact their life chances of success in the future. 

At Tibshelf Community School we strive to build resilient young people with excellent attendance in school to have the best chances in life. 


A parent has a legal responsibility to ensure that their child attends school regularly. 

If a child is unavoidably absent from school, parents are expected to contact school by telephone or text on the first day of the absence and each subsequent day, identifying the reason for the absence and the expected date of return. This call needs to be received by school by 8.30am. 

If no contact is received the Attendance Protocols will be instigated 

Attendance Protocols 

If a child is absent, the following will be initiated by the school: 

  • The first day calling will be activated for all pupils who are not in school after close of register at 8.35am and where no reason for absence is known 

  • A text message will go to parents by 10.00am 

  • If there is still not contact made from the pupils’ parents, a further telephone call home will be made again that day. 

  • If school cannot make contact with parents and are concerned about the pupil a home visit may be carried out 

  • School will telephone home if a pupil leaves site without permission 

  • Where pupils’ attendance falls below 94%, letters for monitoring their attendance will be generated as standard to inform parents of their child’s low attendance. 

  • Parents are encouraged to check their child’s attendance percentages on the Arbor App 

  • Should attendance continue to fall below 90% without medical evidence, letters of formal monitoring procedures will be issued to individuals, and we encourage you to speak with your child’s Head of Year for support. 

  • Should you wish to request a leave of absence for your child please note these need to be completed 4 weeks in advance of the requested leave. 

Advice Leaflet for parents

School attendance - the law