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Child Sexual Exploitation

Click here for more info on online safety/make a police report for online abuse (CEOPS)

Tibshelf Community School are committed to helping safeguard our children by encouraging residents/parents/carers to recognise and respond to Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) by spotting the signs and highlighting the fact that CSE can, and does happen in Derbyshire.

CSE is a form of sexual abuse that involves the manipulation and/or coercion of young people under the age of 18 into sexual activity.

Key Facts:

  • Everyone has a role to play in raising awareness of CSE
  • The safeguarding of children is everybody’s business
  • Any child can be sexually exploited no matter what culture, ethnicity, religion or gender from any background

Recognise the signs of Child Sexual Exploitation:

  • Sexualised behaviour – children appearing to be in ‘relationships’ with adults
  • Absence – going missing from home/school, out in the day or late at night
  • Family issues – domestic abuse and neglect
  • Emotional and physical health – low or excessively high self-esteem, changes in appearance, self-harming, concerning appearance or behaviour
  • Gang involvement and criminality – are these children at risk from more sophisticated older children/adults or organised criminals?
  • Use of technology – excessive calls/texts, extensive use of social media to meet people, sexting, secretive about online activity, having to keep mobile phone with them all the time.
  • Alcohol and drug use (becoming problematic) – children being bought alcohol by adults
  • Receipt of gifts and unexplained money
  • Distrust of authority and change in behaviour – consider whether these are children troubling rather than troublesome?

What can you do?


A national service, which seeks to raise awareness amongst young people of the risks and dangers of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and provide advice on how to keep safe and where to seek support was launched on 1st July 2015. This service provides young people with a means of reporting CSE through a free, 24/7, anonymous helpline provided by “Missing People”.

The charity “Missing People” is working in partnership with the “NWG Network Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation” to provide an awareness campaign and national Freephone reporting service, funded by the Department for Education (DfE).

The service offers a complimentary and unique additional service, through an anonymous reporting mechanism for young people alongside balancing support and safeguarding them. The helpline also looks to signpost and/or refer young people to relevant local services.

“Missing People” will send disclosed information about child sexual exploitation to relevant statutory agencies and will expect an appropriate local safeguarding response. The charity will also help the person reporting to be safe, and access support where needed.

Parents can share the Say Something helpline with other parents and young people who aren’t able to be fully open up about what is happening, so the young people can report their worries anonymously.

“Missing People” also operates the “Runaway Helpline” and has 20 years’ experience supporting missing and exploited young people and their families.