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Subject Overview

In Mathematics, we follow a cyclic curriculum which offers our students the opportunity to revisit and build on content each year. Students in Key Stage 3 will build on the skills learnt at primary school and introduce a number of topical areas as they build up their knowledge of the fundamental strands of Mathematics (Number, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, Ratio and Proportion). This knowledge is further developed through problem-solving questions as students move into Key Stage 4.

In addition to the main Mathematics curriculum, we offer as a GCSE option - Economics and Statistics - this gives students the opportunity gaining two additional GCSEs from one option. These subjects allow students to sample how maths is used in the real world.

Assessment Information - KS3

At KS3 the curriculum is divided into three tiers (Enhanced, Core and Support) each tier covers the same topic areas, however students are challenged and supported appropriately. Assessments are completed at the end of each half-term, which culminates in an End of Year Assessment.

Assessment Information - KS4

At KS4 students are split into either higher or foundation tier and will study larger units of work where skills are combined. The assessments are based on previous GCSE exam questions to best prepare students for their final examinations. Students are assessed every half-term in year 9 and 10. In addition to mock exams during Year 10 and 11.

Learning Journeys 


"I really like how teachers challenge me to push myself." (Y8 Student 2022)