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Parents and Carers

Parents code of conduct


Tibshelf Community School is committed to developing the character of every student and believes that all students should receive an exceptional education. This is underpinned by our character values and our school culture and ethos.  

We have a responsibility to ensure that we treat people with respect, openness, and care. This is shown in our commitment to treat people equally, respecting differences and our commitment to healthy and open relationships. We are keen to work with parents and carers to develop a culture where everyone is approachable, and we ask that staff, parents, and carers to all play their part. 

We believe students learn best in a safe and supportive environment based on respect and trust and underpinned by an effective partnership between parents, staff, and the school community. High standards of behaviour are required of students. Staff are expected to act professionally at all times. The positive support of parents and carers is needed and highly valued by Tibshelf Community School, and we ask parents and staff to model the behaviour we wish to see in our students. 

Full document available below.

Parents code of conduct