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Stopping Domestic Abuse Together (SDAT)

What is SDAT?  

Stopping Domestic Abuse Together, also known as SDAT, is an early notification system to schools. It is our local version of Operation Encompass (Home : Operation Encompass) and informs schools of any incidents of domestic abuse where the police have attended a household where children aged 5-16 live.

 Derbyshire Constabulary lead on SDAT, with support from partners such as local authority children’s social care, health services, schools and other safeguarding agencies. It has been rolled out to all schools in Derby and Derbyshire.

 SDAT helps schools respond to children’s needs in the education setting to support them with their learning, emotional and social development. It also promotes effective communications between police, local authority children’s social care and schools where there has been a domestic abuse incident.

What happens when school receives a domestic abuse notification?

When we receive a domestic abuse notification, we will routinely monitor the child’s welfare and engage with partner agencies where required.  This is part of our safeguarding commitment to safeguard all our students.

Only safeguarding school staff receive the notifications and the notifications do not include details of the incident, just a notification that something has happened.  The aim of schools being notified is so that support for the student can be put in place.

Domestic abuse can have a short and long term impact on children and young people. Growing up in a household of fear and intimidation can impact their health, wellbeing, and development, with lasting effects into adulthood. SDAT helps children to get support they need.


Anyone experiencing domestic abuse should feel safe and able to report this to us. You can do this via our website or by calling 101. In an emergency, call 999. (Report domestic abuse | Derbyshire Constabulary)

If you’re worried about someone finding out you’ve contacted us, there is advice and guidance on how to remove the search from your history. (How to hide this visit from your web history | Derbyshire Constabulary)