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Work Experience, Careers and Post 16 Guidance


At Tibshelf Community School, we believe that all students should be provided with the knowledge, inspiration and ability to take ownership of their own career choices to enable them to succeed in life. Our careers programme is designed to develop the key skills and knowledge students need to succeed in the workplace, whilst also providing high quality advice and guidance around careers and future study pathways.

We have developed strong links with Further and Higher Education providers and have excellent working relationships with local and national employers. Students therefore have many opportunities to interact with these providers and engage in a range of activities to make informed choices about their future.

We measure the impact of our careers programme against the number of students that leave us and progress into full time education, apprenticeships and internships with an aim to get 100% of students onto the next stage of their career path.

Careers Leader

Mr R Penford

Director of Personal Development

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Work Experience

As part of the Careers Education and Guidance programme at Tibshelf Community School, all Year 10 students are expected to take part in a compulsory work experience programme with an employer. The aim is to help them gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the world of work and all that it entails.

All Year 10 students will take part in work experience between Monday 17th July – 21st July 2023 

This is a superb chance for our students to build confidence and develop their employability skills. We always strongly advise students to choose a placement that is in an occupational area that they are interested in as this will either confirm for them that this is a career that they wish to pursue or alternatively may confirm that this is not for them. As always we will be competing with other schools for placements during this week, and therefore it is essential that students secure a placement as soon as possible

The following letter and key documents will help parents and carers understand the Tibshelf Community School work experience programme and may also suggest ways you can help your child find a placement.

Any queries about work experience can be sent to:


Mr R Penford

Head of Personal Development

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Careers Adviser 

Post-16 Options

After leaving school, it is a legal requirement that student stay in education and/or training until 18.  This could mean completing a vocational course or T Level at a college, starting an apprenticeship or traineeship, or taking A Levels at a sixth form.

Students have access to a specialist independent careers adviser within in school. These are appointment based and coordinated by the Director of Personal Development.

The National Careers Service offers information on the different post-16 options available to students after leaving school.  There’s also a detailed list of careers with example pathways into each one.


The Government Apprenticeships website offers information on apprenticeships including what they are, how they’re different to other post-16 options, how to apply, and what to expect throughout the process


The ability to search for current apprenticeship vacancies and register for alerts on new vacancies in the local area


Information on the different post-16 pathways available at Chesterfield College and West Nottinghamshire College including vocational courses, apprenticeships, and A Levels.



Student and Parents Careers Guide

The Student and Parents Guide provides information that may be useful when making the right choices regarding Post 16 and Careers.

Careers Guide

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Personal Development Days

Our Personal Development Days are designed to enrich our Personal Development Curriculum and provide meaningful encounters for students to engage with employers and Further and Higher Education Providers.

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) Programme

At Tibshelf Community School, our motto is Alta Pete “Aim for the Highest”. Our Careers Programme is designed to raise the aspirations of all students and provide them with the knowledge and skills to make informed choices about their future. You can view our CEIAG policy 

CEIAG is an essential part of our Personal Development provision and is an integral component to key aspects of the school such as Personal Development lessons, Tutor Time, Assemblies, Curriculum Time and Personal Development Days.

We have adopted the Gatsby Benchmarks to ensure that we provide high quality independent careers guidance and information about educational qualifications, higher education and apprenticeships.

The eight Gatsby Benchmarks of Good Career Guidance

1. A stable careers programme
2. Learning from career and labour market information
3. Addressing the needs of each pupil
4. Linking curriculum learning to careers
5. Encounters with employers and employees
6. Experiences of workplaces
7. Encounters with further and higher education
8. Personal guidance

Click to view the full government careers guidance document.

Provider Access

Under Section 42B of the Education Act 1997, the school has a duty to provide students in years 7-11 with access to post 16 educational and careers providers.

The Provider Access Policy outlines how we manage provider requests.

Personal Development

Statement of intent  

Tibshelf Community School believes that Character and Personal Development Education is important to help our students develop into well-rounded members of society, who can make a positive contribution to their community. Our approach to promoting Personal Development is linked throughout our curriculum which is then supplemented through a range of activities throughout the year such as Personal Development Days, educational visits, assemblies, and guest speakers.

Through our Personal Development provision, we aim to ensure:

  • Our school is one where everyone is encouraged and supported to achieve their personal best.
  • Our school is welcoming, inclusive, has a real community feel and is a place where everyone is valued.
  • Students are developed to become responsible, respectful, and active citizens.
  • Students are encouraged to develop our Character Values, Community Spirit, Curiosity, Integrity, Resilience, Respect and Positivity.
  • Students are prepared for the world of work and the next phase of their education

An overview of Personal Development Curriculum