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Bus 420

This will now be a single decker red bus leaving the Elm Tree Inn at 7:50am, picking up at Holmewood Library at 7:56am, turning left at Williamthorpe Island and coming straight into school.

Bus T1

This will be a double decker bus leaving Williamthorpe Island at 8:00am and following the old 420 route with the additional pickups at Hawthorne Avenue at 8:15am, the Whitehart Inn at 8:17am and on the High Street (opposite the old school) at 8:20am and then arriving in school at 8:25am.

The total amount raised on the 16th October was a massive £2,519.24.  A further £1,358.00 was raised on the Just Giving page.  This amounts to a fantastic total of £3877.24.

Further details about the day and photographs to follow.

On  Thursday 13th November 09:00-11:00 we are holding an awards event for the students who have completed their Text Now/Aspire to Read programmes with the students and their parents.

The morning is being held to let all the students know how happy we are with them as well as making sure their parents and the students themselves feel proud. We hope to be giving certificates and prizes during the morning too.

“You gave me a real ‘jolt’. It has opened my eyes to how prepared I need to be for an interview”. A student from Tibshelf Community School who had a mock interview.

“Thank you for inviting me to attend. I found the whole day to be a really rewarding experience”. A volunteer professional businessman recruited to help with mock interviews.

Two sides of the interview coin and both extremely shiny.

On Monday 6th October, 147 Y11 students at Tibshelf Community School had mock interviews with both oral and written feedback given on how they did. These were conducted by representatives of local Businesses, School Governors, Rotary Club, local Colleges and Training Organisations who pioneered this venture to give students in the School experience of interviews prior to seeking places at higher education or apprenticeships.

The idea behind getting volunteers from local businesses to conduct the interviews was to provide a more ‘real life’ scenario for the students than if a teacher had carried them out. All who conducted the interviews were impressed by the quality and dynamism of the young people they met, which is completely contrary to the way in which young people are often portrayed in the media.

Clare Talati, from the Derbyshire Education Business Partnership commented: “It is great to know our own expertise and experiences will benefit the students now and in their future, and it was apparent that they took the interviews seriously and had put a lot of effort into their presentation. On the whole it was an extremely successful day!”

Mike Pollard, Head Teacher at Tibshelf Community School said, “This has been a very constructive and positive experience for our students.  It is really helpful that they are given guidance and support from people who have such broad and deep experience of the wider world of work.  We are very grateful to the guest interviewers for giving their time and expertise to our students.”

‘Team Tibby’ were simply phenomenal after completing the giant feat of a 96 mile bike ride from Tibshelf School in Derbyshire, all the way to Skegness’s iconic Clock Tower!

The formidable group consisted of the following staff:

Martyn Slack (team leader and organiser)

Ashley Hibbard

Hilary Smith

Mike Bevilacqua

Andy Baines

Sarah Fearn

Mark Oliver-Smith

Dave Woodhouse

Angela Jacquemart

Christian Jacquemart

Mike Pollard (Head Teacher)

Susan Allen

and also Year 11 student Ashton Rawson, and her dad Simon - who were the first to reach the Clock Tower!

The team showed incredible perseverance, support and kindness in their efforts, and were determined to raise lots of funds towards school’s forthcoming Football Kits and Fairy wings fun day, due to be held on 16th October. This means that the money which will be ultimately raised on this day will be significantly boosted by the effort of the Team Tibby cyclists! All overall revenue raised will be sent to Cancer Research in respect and memory of the sadly departed parents of Tibshelf students. These students - Johnny Boden and Zakk Dluzewski were at the forefront of the cyclists’ minds, and their promise to support the boys kept the cyclists going and made them determined to get to the end.

Overall, then, the team and the school are incredibly proud of a truly amazing team!