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Please can all Y10 students attending Lea Green arrive at school and assemble in the Sports Hall for 10.30 am on Monday 1st September. 

Please have your swim kits easily accessible (not at the bottom of your bags) and remember you need to bring a packed lunch and plenty of water to drink.  Early weather forecasts suggest there will be some decent weather next week so remember to also pack some sun cream.

We all can’t wait for what I am sure will be a brilliant week!

Enjoy the rest of your summer break.

Mrs Tipping and the Year 10 Team

The community of Tibshelf has have much to celebrate since moving into its brand-new premises in November 2013. However, moving to a new building on the new site is never easy when you are a year 11 student trying to concentrate on your examinations in the summer. The results came out on Thursday morning and saw many of the students jumping for joy! Teachers and parents were delighted to see a new record set in terms of A*-C with English and Mathematics at 63%. Both the core subjects saw expected levels of progress for our students well above 70%  (the first time for English.) Special congratulations are due to Neely Middleton, who achieved 10 A*s and 1A;  to Katherine Waring with 7A*s 2As and1B; to Grace Birch with 5A*,5As and 1B; to Kieran Kourdache with 4A*s, 4As and 1B; to Bailey Jones , who managed 4A*s, and 5As; to Billie Gaynor with 3A*, 3As a B and a C; to Josie Morris with 2A*s, and 7As and also to Jessica Hill, who achieved 2A*s and 8A’s.

The results as a whole are a triumph for all 150 students in year group led by their inspirational year head Tris Weston. They have been on a rollercoaster ride and played a massive part in helping to win the new school for Tibshelf. The results are particularly poignant and special for Peter Crowe, their departing Headteacher, who leaves Tibshelf after 25 years of service spread over the last 33 years. His parting comment was to say how very special Tibshelf school and its students had always been down the years and that he was bursting with pride at their achievements and also our expectation for the challenges yet to come. Their new headteacher, Mike Pollard, from Silverdale in Sheffield, was there to share the moment. Pleased as he is on their behalf, he is determined that the school builds on this platform  to even greater success next year and on into the future. Our outgoing head boy, Kieran, listed above, memorably played the part of Buzz Lightyear in a wonderfully anarchic stage version of Toy Story. If ‘in role’ on this momentous day he might have quoted Buzz’ immortal words on behalf of the class of 2014-“ to infinity and beyond!!!”

Year 10 Lea Green

Monday 1st September

Year 7

Tuesday 2nd September

Y8 and 9

Wednesday 3rd September

Y10 and 11 Not on Work Experience or Lea Green

Thursday 4th September