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Enrichment and Extra Curricular

Enrichment Opportunities 2022/23

We are delighted to showcase what wonderful experiences we can provide your child this academic year. There are a number of curriculum based enrichment opportunities that support the relevant subject area that your child might be studying, along with a structured Enrichment Week in July 2023. 

Please spend time with your child looking through the booklet, identifying the trips that would be suitable for them, and making sure the trip is available to your child’s year group or option group, as some are for specific year groups or option groups. We have worked hard to ensure there are a number of trips and residentials which cover a range of price brackets, we do not expect your child to go on every trip however we recommend looking at the financial impact it will have for your family, along with identifying when deposits and payments will need to be in for before registering your interest on a trip. 

All the experiences that are available for your child will be available to view by using the links provided on the last page of the brochure from Monday 12th September until Sunday 2nd October. Please make sure it is an experience your child wants to go on, and you can ensure all payment structures are adhered to (see page 29) This year it will not be on a first come, first served basis. Once we have received all the names registered for each trip, we will then undertake our selection process. Once this is completed, we will confirm if your child has been given a place on the trip or if they have been put on the waiting list, on Friday 14th October. Having received confirmation we will then open up Parentpay for you to settle deposits which will need to be paid no later than Sunday 30th October. At this stage, if you have not paid your deposit, we will then look to the waiting list to cover the allocated places for each trip. 

  • Please read through the full terms and conditions on Pages 33 and 34 before committing to any trip. 

Enrichment Brochure 22/23

Enrichment Week July 2023

Each year group will have a particular curriculum focus for the week. We have also made every effort to offer trips and residentials at different price ranges to suit all. Year 7 and 8, alongside their curriculum focus, will have a residential available for them to register their interest for, this will be a great way of forging new relationships and working on their resilience by attempting some of the tasks and activities during each residential. Should you register your interest for the Lake District or Hereford residentials please be aware that you would be away for the week so would be unable to attend the curriculum focused day trips such as Newstead Abbey or Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Year 9 will all have a fun packed activity day on site, along with day trips made available to work on their inquisitiveness. Year 10 will be undertaking their work experience Monday – Friday before the whole school will be involved in a sponsored event during Friday morning, more details to follow on this. 

Extra Curricular

Here is our whole school extra-curricular timetable which has clubs for all year groups to attend at lunchtime and after-school. 

Lunchtime clubs run from 1:35pm-1:55pm and after-school clubs run from 3-4pm. 

For after-school sports clubs students need their full PE kit, for lunchtime sports club's students just need trainers and to remove their tie and blazer. 

If you have any questions about a club, please speak to the relevant staff member leading the club. 


Lunch 1.35pm - 1.55pm

  • All Years Basketball club with Mr Gamwell in Sports Hall

  • KS3 Creative writing club with Mr Baines and Miss Logan in EN1

  • All Years Rubik cube club with Mr Hussain in CR6

  • All Years Biking Club with Mrs Wainwright at the tennis courts

  • Mindfulness in LS3 with Mrs Crowder

  • All Years Earthlings club with Ms Hill and Mrs McCrea in GL1

  • KS3 Anime Club with Mrs Clements in SC3

  • (WEEK 1 ONLY)

After School 3pm - 4pm

Staff Meetings


Lunch 1.35pm - 1.55pm

  • All Years Girls Football with Mr Harris in Sports Hall
  • All Years Girls Disco This Girl Can Club with Miss Thorpe in small gym
  • KS3 Film Club with Ms Barker in CR3
  • KS4 Art Techniques club in CR8
  • All Years Pride Club, in MA3 with Mrs Clements and Mrs Harrison

After School 3pm - 4pm

  • Y8 Enactus Club with Miss Kurcewicz in LS6 – (INVITATION ONLY)

  • All Years Multi Sport Club in the sports hall – meet at the changing rooms. (INVITATION ONLY)

  • Y7 & 8 Football on the Astroturf with Mr Harris and Mr Booth

  • All Years Dance in the small gym with Miss Thorpe

  • KS4 Intervention evening English and Ebacc


Lunch 1.35pm - 1.55pm

  • Y10 Interform Sports with Mr Harris in Sports Hall

  • All Years Board Games with Mr Brailsford and Mr Woodhouse in GL3

  • All Years Buddy Reading with Mrs Sheffield and Mrs Jacquemart in the Library

  • All Years ESU Speaking and debating club with English and Ebacc staff in EN1

  • All Years Maths club with Miss Harrison in MA3

  • All Years Current Affairs with Mr Booth in MA2

  • KS4 Politics with Mr Newton and Mr Booth in MA6

  • Duke of Edinburgh Training with Mr Gamwell in CR8

  • All Years Amnesty International Club with Mr Moon and Miss Barlow in EN1 and EN2.

After School 3pm - 4pm

  • KS4 Intervention Evening BTEC Sport, H&SC, Child Care and Dance in CR7

  • All Years Fitness Club in Sports Hall with PE Staff

  • KS4 Intervention evening Creativity and Maths

  • All years table tennis club in small gym with Mr Brailsford


Lunch 1.35pm - 1.55pm

  • Y11 Football with Mr Stanhope in the Sports Hall

  • All Years True Crime Club with Mrs Harrison in LS3

  • Y7 Numeracy Buddies with Mrs White in MA1 – (INVITATION ONLY)

  • KS3 STEM Club with Ms Clements in SC1

  • KS4 GCSE D&T Practical club with Mrs Williamson in CR5

  • Further Maths with Mrs Mills in MA1 (INVITATION ONLY)

After School 3pm - 4pm

  • Y9, 10 & 11 Football on the astro turf:

  • Y9 – Mr Harris

  • Y10 & 11 – Mr Bate

  • All Years Girls Football in the Sports Hall

  • All Years Trampolining club with Miss Thorpe in Small Gym

  • KS4 Intervention evening Science and Technology


Lunch 1.35pm - 1.55pm

  • KS3 Sport with Mr Harris in the sports hall

  • All Years Gaming Club with Mr Wathall in EN5

  • All Years Calm Corner with Mrs Tipping in the Small Gym

  • KS4 Science leaders club with Miss Coulson and Mr Rashid in SC2

  • All Years School Newspaper club with Miss Barlow in EN1 at 1:20pm

After School 3pm - 4pm

Staff Sport clubs